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Two white and black frames close-up mockup for poster 3x4 on the marble table.

CU17 Two Frames Close-up Mockup for Poster Ratio 3x4


PSD file for displaying and selling wall art. Frame Mockup for Poster created for art presentation, suitable for online stores, social media, and online advertising. Easy to use with Adobe Photoshop.

This close-up scene is designed so that, in addition to the interior scenes that you usually use in your listings, you can show your viewers a closer look at your work.


*We do not sell posters.


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The Licensee is authorized to use the Product for both commercial and private purposes. This means you can use, display, modify (if applicable), reproduce, distribute, and publicly perform the Product.


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Resale, redistribute or sub-license You may not resale, re-distribute, license or sub-license our product with source files (PSD files), even if the re- distribution is for free or you have modified our product.


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Two white and black frames close-up mockup for poster 3x4 on the marble table.


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